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A woman is stood at the edge of the cliffs at Botallack, Cornwall facing back towards the camera. The view of the sea and sunset is slightly distorted and has digital artefacts within the image.

Meet Me At The Edge


Artist: Ciaran Clarke

Categories: Binaural, Landscape, Theatre


In August 2020, I was approached by Wildworks to design binaural audio for a piece of theatre being created on the cliffs at Botallack in Cornwall.

The work was subsequently developed into a film, which I also designed the sound for.


Working with Director Mydd Pharo, I worked to create a sound design that celebrated place, space, and story. Audience members watched the piece from a grassy patch with a view across the surrounding area while wearing silent disco headphones. Sound was both live and pre-recorded, with performers scattered throughout the landscape wearing radio mics and IEMs.