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Artist: Ciaran Clarke

Categories: Binaural, Theatre

while nothing can replicate the unique experience of seeing Brookes in the flesh this is an excellent taster for those new to his snake-hipped maverick charms


In 2018 I co-created and designed the sound for Jordan Brookes binaural stand-up show, Bleed. The show subsequently toured to Australia as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and enjoyed a run at the Soho Theatre.


The utilised five different spatial sound designs distributed across silent disco headphones, meaning that audience members received slightly different versions of the story. This involved using extensive QLab programming for live delivery, binaural recording and mixing, as well as working with spatial audio plug-ins to fabricate certain effects.

I subsequently edited and mixed the video version, which was made available via Soho Theatre On Demand in 2020.


‘A majestic and challenging hour of uncompromising stand-up.’ ★★★★★ The List

‘Digressive, deeply unsettling and very funny’ ★★★★ Guardian

‘impressively brutal and self-lacerating physical comedy’ ★★★★★ The Skinny

‘a rictus-grinned latterday Lee Evans who constantly stares into the existential abyss’ ★★★★ Beyond The Joke